Our Story

Legacy (n) something that happened in the past or that comes from someone in the past. — Merriam Webster Dictionary.
At Tidewater Legacy, we define Legacy as something handed down that matters; something that matters to family, great friendships and community.
Today, Tidewater Virginia is our part of the world where many rivers flow into the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and on to the Atlantic Ocean. For generations our families have been touched by the many rivers from the Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina coasts. They have provided recreation, delicious food, glorious vistas, awe inspiring nature and a way of life.
At Tidewater Legacy we feel a real connection to the water, complete with memories of warm summer days and the family with which we shared them. These memories recall images of learning to swim, to sail, to fish, and to crab using a line of string and a chicken neck or with the tried and true crab pot in these very same rivers and bay. And above all, we learned the fine art of putting a crab to sleep!
It is this love of the water that is our legacy, one handed down to us and then, to our children, and one we want to share.
It’s a way of life, something handed down — something that matters.